About us

As a company, we are fully committed to offering the finest natural skin care. Our pledge of the best quality reflects our ongoing and consistent focus on people and nature. Our products only contain natural, non-polluted and tried-and-tested skin-friendly ingredients.

For all of us human beings, the skin is our most crucial of channels to the outside world. Via it comes our first contact with all around us – and skin to skin is how we feel touch, warmth, security and love. With that in mind, we will stop at nothing to develop only the finest in skin care products. Germacare – where love meets care.


The Germacare company is headquartered in Munich. A setting of panoramic peaks – the natural pillar on which our values are built. Crystal-clear air, streams of perfect purity and the radiance from the Bavarian mountain ranges around us inspire us to rethink the status quo, which includes the choice of ingredients in our products. As clean and clear as a fresh mountain meadow.

Made in Bavaria – the finest and purest on the list.

Company philosophy

Our products are made from natural raw materials. Prizing our natural resources pays off – we know that. That’s why we focus on climate- and eco-friendly methods for raw material and production procedures. We only select tested and naturally pure raw materials as part of efforts to bring customers care products that meet the most stringent demands in terms of quality and ecological responsibility.

our value proposition,
that we pursue on a daily basis


We leverage many years of experience to guarantee our customers unrivalled product quality and safety. Both development and production are carried out in accordance with German norms and standards of the very highest quality on state-of-the-art equipment.


In line with EU climate targets and SBU standards, we are committed to comprehensive sustainability goals at all stages of the manufacturing and distribution of our products. We meet the highest environmental standards at all times – from ingredients to production and packaging. We protect baby’s delicate skin, not only with our products, but also by keeping the environment pure.


We strive for excellence in everything we do and want to offer our customers the best possible product experience. Commensurate with this aim, we guarantee our customers unrivalled product safety, skin compatibility confirmed by German dermatologists as “very good” and high-quality textures that pamper and care for every baby’s skin.


We commit to unrivalled transparency, fairness and reliability in all dealings with our business partners and all other stakeholders of our company. This principle also applies to our product composition and ingredients as well as the origin and manufacturing conditions of our raw materials.



We guarantee to our customers that only the very finest and safest products and raw materials are used at all times. With this in mind, we are committed to complying with all legal regulations and rules.


As a manufacturer of baby products, we bear a special responsibility for our society and the environment. Accordingly, we are committed to social issues in many ways and ensure the highest environmental standards along our supply chains and in our production. Honesty, respect and trust are what underpin our work and pave the way for reliable cooperation with our partners.